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Skyhook GB have been in business since 2004 when our founder, having spent many years working in the construction industry, both in the UK and overseas, devised the concept of the Skyhook™ as a solution to the workplace hazard of trailing cables. This revolutionary cable support system is designed to keep trailing leads and cables off the floor on construction sites and other places of work, safeguarding against tripping hazards and electrocution from power cables which may have been damaged.

The Skyhook™ cable support system is extremely simple in design yet incredibly effective and has been warmly welcomed by the Health and Safety Commission.

The Skyhook™ unique design enables the user to attach it to almost any material anywhere in the workplace. Featuring a large loop, this enables it to be hung from ceiling grids, joists, scaffold poles and doors, and in addition there are two small holes to enable overhead fixing or wall fixing using a small screw.  The unique offset or ‘twisted’ form of the Skyhook™ enables it to be attached to a wall, while the loops stand proud, allowing easy attachment of cables.

  • Unique offset design for ease of use

  • More versatile than our competitors
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Non-conductive plastic
  • Stress-tested up to 5KG
  • High visibility
  • Made of recyclable material
  • Highly durable and re-usable
  • Can withstand maximum continuous temperatures up to 100°C

Since launching the Skyhook™ support system, we have extended our range of cable support products with the addition of the Skyhook™-Multi and Skyhook-Extendable Tower Stand as well as developing the Skyhook-Medi especially for usage in the Healthcare industry.

Today Skyhook-GB sell our Skyhook support system to over 150 companies throughout the UK and overseas, including some of the biggest names in the construction industry.





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