Temporary Cable Hanger Support

The Original Skyhook - 90p per unit + VAT


SkyHook-GB designed the cable support so that it can be used in three ways.

Firstly, to be used as a temporary support by being able to hook it over items such as floor joists or ceiling grids.

Secondly, by the use of the fixing hole in the top of the support so that it can be screwed upwards, i.e. into a concrete ceiling.

Finally, if there is nowhere to hang the support or you are unable to get a fixing overhead, the support can be fixed through the side fixing hole enabling the cables to be supported whilst being kept off the floor and because the support has a twist in the lower half of it the cables can easily be attached.

The cable support has been made out of a non-conductive material to reduce the risk of electrocution through damaged cables and the support was designed in yellow for high visibility, although other colours are available on request. SkyHook-GB cable support is a valuable product that will eliminate damage to power leads and reduce the risks of trip hazards making the site a safer place of work.

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The Multihook - 95p per unit + VAT


The ‘Multi Hook’ has been designed much in the same as the original ‘Skyhook’ but has an additional loop which can accommodate multiple cables.

Also, an additional new fixing point in the smaller loop allows the user to rotate it, allowing the hook to be fixed to an overhead point, so the larger loop can be used to accommodate larger cables.

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The Skyhook Wall Cable Support - £1.30 per unit + VAT


Skyhooks latest addition to the range is the Wall Cable Support.

Using the pre-drilled holes (and screws supplied), the Wall Cable Support system can be easily fixed to walls, door frames, etc, in order to keep cables elevated off the floor. The support can be used as a temporary or permanent fixture and has the capability of supporting several cables, hosing or rubber tubing in each support with its unique facility of 5 housing compartments.

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The Skyhook Extendable Tower - £95.00 per unit + VAT


The ‘Extendable Tower Stand’, can be raised up to 3 metres in height and is made from steel box section. There is a non conductible plastic head which attaches to the top of the stand allowing multiple cables to be carried at various heights.

The tower stand comes in three parts, the base, extendable pole with two levers, and the head.

First, the bottom leaver must be released before sliding the pole onto the base, when this is done, slide the pole onto the base until it hits the bottom, then tighten the leaver to secure.

Second, the non conductible tower stand head needs to be screwed into the fixing hole at the top of the pole (screw supplied in head). You will find that the middle of the tower head can take a larger cable.

Third, you can then extend the pole to the required height. The stand can be extended to 3 metres, but the higher it’s taken, the less stable it may become. We recommend that you use sand bags to stabilise.

Also, we recommend not tying cables around the tower head, the cables should run free at all times.

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The Medihook - £1.00 per unit


The Medi-hook had been designed for hospital applications. It is made out of glass filled polypropylene and comes with a smooth finish. The standard colour is off white.

The Medi-hook can be used to raise cables and tubing off the floor and prevent trips and falls, it can also help with the likelihood of the cables becoming trapped by an active mattress.

We recommend a minimum of four Medi-hooks down one side of the bed this can be increased depending on the size, weight and number of cables/tubing being used. The upper part of the Medi-hook clips over the bed rail and the lower part of the Medi-hook is used to thread the cables through there is a spring clip to hold the cables/tubing in place.

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Delivery Charges for the Original Skyhook, Multihook and Medihook



  Up to 30 units: £6.50
  31 - 99 units: £8.50
  100 - 499 units: £11.50
  500 units: £12.50
  600 units: £13.00
  700 - 999 units: Price increases by £0.80
  1000+ units: FREE delivery

Delivery Charges for the Skyhook Wall Cable Support



  Up to 20 units: £6.80
  21 - 40 units: £8.50
  41 - 300 units: £11.50
  301 - 500 units: £13.00

Delivery Charges for the Skyhook Extendable Tower Stand



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